Private lifecasting courses available.

-Baby casting

-Dog paw casting

-Pregnancy belly casting.

Please contact me for more information.


Having taken a beginner lifecasting course during the previous summer in Ontario, I was was astounded by the complexity and beauty of her art. After a long, inspiring conversation, she agreed to offer me her first one-on-one course in advanced skills, including frontal face casting, profiles, how to include hair and fabric, then we moved on to full torsos. Working with Lidia was an absolute joy which often gave me goosebumps.

Her lifecasting skills are phenomenal, as are her teaching abilities. Although I had to drive nearly five hours for each session, it was worth every nickel. She imparted over a decade of her own training / knowledge to me in five or six, full-day sessions of intensive, hands-on experience, during which I also met and admired her amazing family. Workshops included guidance regarding not only technical skills – but how to interact with both clients and models.

Her teaching style is completely unique, personable and intuitive. I finished the course with an ability to FEEL when things are right, rather than to follow particular formulas, which was a true gift.

If you think you’re ready to pursue this path, I would recommend Lidia as the perfect mentor… a consummate artist with a true vision, who will continue to support you long after the course is over.

(Randy Cameron)