A Casting from Life (1887), Painting by Édouard Joseph Dantan

Lifecasting is an art form in which the artist takes molds/castings of live models. The molds are taken with skin safe products and reinforced by plaster. After the casting session, the artist will apply plaster in the mold to create a detailed 3D sculpture of the casted body part. A second mold will be made of the working cast, this time in silicone, which allows for multiple copies and products in resin or modified gypsum. Hundreds of wonderful finishes are possible such as classic white, metals like bronze or copper, antiqued look, and nearly any possible color. Most of our commissions are for teenage faces, pregnancy bellies, baby hands and bums, elderly hands, body builders and adult torsos or busts. The model will have a wonderful, unique and everlasting piece of art that can be passed along to future generations.