About Lidia


Lidia was born and raised in the Netherlands but immigrated to Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada in 1997, receiving her Canadian citizenship in 2014. With the birth of her two children, she felt drawn to the birthing community and soon became a birth doula and midwife assistant. When one of her doula clients wanted a memento of her pregnancy, Lidia took an interest in lifecasting, and from the moment she had her hands in plaster, lifecasting became a passion. After casting several pregnant moms and their babies, Lidia took a professional lifecasting course in Denver, Colorado, with master lifecaster and sculpting artist, the late Dave Parvin. Even though she still loves to cast babies and pregnant moms, she also specializes in torsos (both male and female), busts and of course her trademark silhouette faces and family hand plaques. One of the few lifecasters in New Brunswick, Lidia is always pushing herself, always evolving and trying new techniques, even surreal touches mixed in with lifecasting. In addition to lifecasting, Lidia is author of the memoir Baby Jonah: Baby Jonah: The Emotional Journey of a Preemie Mom, and acts as manager for her daughter, Maika E. Branch, who became a published author and motivational speaker at the age of 10. Since a few years Lidia got very inspired by the magical, spiritual and healing aspects of Nature and developed new techniques mixing surreal sculpting and lifecasting to create her own fine art line of unique and beautiful pieces.